Loana Meaning - Origin and Names

Loana Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Variant of "Helen", the name "Loana" has its origins in the Greek "helê". This name means: "the brightness of the sun".


The stylist-singer and TV presenter Loana Petrucciani, the German supermodel Loana Katharina Radecki.

The world of fashion may well become one of your daughter's great passions.

Helene was the concubine of the tribune Constance Chlore. The latter rejected it when he took the head of the Roman Empire, under the name of Caesar. She became empress when her son Constantin succeeded his father. Saint Helena contributed enormously to the development of Christianity by organizing the restoration of the holy places of Jerusalem.

His character :

At first, Loana appears as a sociable and friendly person. She is also very sensitive and receptive to what is going on around her. Sometimes she behaves like a spoiled little girl because of her sentimentality.

Her head in the clouds, Loana feels more comfortable in her dreams than on earth. This tendency to want to escape in the imaginary makes it little present, even phlegmatic in the real world. Nevertheless, his imagination is a real asset. Loana is a creator of nature, and it shows in her appearance. She likes to distinguish herself from others and does not hesitate to show great coquetry to be noticed. Her elegance, in addition to her natural charisma, makes her a fascinating person.

In love, Loana wants to be shown affectionate daily. She likes to be pampered and treated like a princess.


Loane, Loan, Lohane, Loanne ...

His party :

The people named Loana are honored on August 18th.

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