Prénom Honorin - Meaning and origin

Prénom Honorin - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Honorin comes from the Latin word "honoratus" which means "one who is honored".


Honorin Hamard is a French sportsman and the current paragliding world champion.
Honorat de Bueil de Racan was a writer and a French poet of the seventeenth century.
Honorius Augustodunensis or Honoré d'Autun was a Christian theologian of the twelfth century.
Honorat or Honoré Rambaud was a grammarian.
The Honorin are celebrated the same day as Saint Honoré. Honoré was a bishop of Amiens. According to legend, when this dissipated young man decided to become a monk, a wooden shovel began to turn green. Since then, he is considered the boss of the bakers.

His character :

Honorin is an open, sociable and confident boy. With a strong personality, he evokes sympathy and trust from the first glance. Charismatic, he manages to convince others to follow him in all his actions. Honorin can adapt to all situations, which is why he is comfortable anywhere. Adoring to chat, he has a great ease of speech, allowing him to be comfortable in society. With a keen mind, insight and observation, nothing escapes him from what is happening around him. Honorin is sure of himself. This aspect of his personality could be considered vanity if he was not naive. He is passionate about everything and shows a great curiosity about everything around him.


Honorat, Honore and Honorius.

His party :

The Honorin are celebrated on May 16th.

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