Name Nabila - Meaning of origin

Name Nabila - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

Coming from the Arabic term Nabala, this name means "noble", "honorable", "chivalrous" or "greatness"


Nabila Abid (or Ebeid), Egyptian actress, Nabila Mounib, Moroccan politician, Nabila Ben Youssef, Tunisian-Canadian actress and comedian, and finally Nabilla Benattia, supermodel and French-Swiss reality TV star.

His character :

Nabila is not the type to let go. She knows how to impose herself from an early age. She is not impressed by anything or anyone and lives life to the fullest. Courageous, she will quickly become a little girl autonomous and resourceful. She has a strong presence and energy in every place she crosses and leaves people with an impression of inexhaustible strength.

Nabila is an explosive mix of dynamism and sweetness.


Nabil, Nabilah, Nabile, Nabilla, Nabille, Nabyl, Naba, Nabeel, Nabel, Nabella, Nabi, Nabia, Nabih, Nabi ...

His party :

Nabila is celebrated on April 1st.

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