Name Hosanna - Meaning and origin

Name Hosanna - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Elders, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

The name Hosanna means "save us" in Hebrew.


There is no Hosanna currently famous.

St. Osanna was an example of virtue and piety. She spent much of her fortune helping the poor. Duke Francis II of Gonzaga witnessed his death in 1505 and exempted Osanna's family for 20 years in his honor.

His character :

The people named Hosanna are generous. Quite discrete, but sociable, they place great importance on their inner development and moral values. With their graceful look, their pleasant voice and their pretty face, they can charm more than one. Sensitive and mother-minded, they attach great importance to family life. Active, independent, endowed with a sense of duty and dynamic, the Hosanna assume their responsibilities to perfection. Harmony is the key word that guides the lives of these altruists. They have a strong penchant for the arts, especially singing. To ensure their inner balance, the Hosanna often practice music or dance.


Ozana, Ozan, Osanna, Osana, Ozanne, Hosana, Osanne and Ossana.

His party :

The names Hosanna are celebrated on June 18th.

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