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What name for your baby of love? Let yourself be guided by our special Valentine's choice, names derived from the words "love" and "desire" or those of famous lovers!

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  • Male first name.
  • From medieval Latin "romeo", which means I am going to Rome (I am a pilgrim).
  • This name owes its full renown to the tragedy of Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet, published in 1595. Synonymous with passionate and passionate love, Roméo remains a name rather rare ... he tempts you?
  • His party : February 25th.


  • From Arabic "kanz", which means treasure, wonder, this is a nice name for your little treasure to come. In the eighth century, Kenza was the mother of King Idris II who founded the city of Fez in Morocco in 809. This is the title of an album by singer Cheb Khaled.
  • His party : no festive date, it's up to you ...
  • Its derivatives: Kaneza, Kenzo, Kenzy, Kensy.

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