Name Ilann - Meaning and origin

Name Ilann - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Arab male name of Hebrew origin. Male variant of the name Ilanit stemming from the same strains, Ilann also means "tree".


Ilan Pappé, Israeli historian.

His character :

The Arabic name Ilann depicts men with both pleasant and gentle character. With a great charm and ease of expression and disconcerting communication, they are charismatic seducers, from their youngest age. Full of enthusiasm, the Ilanns seem to be surrounded by an elegant and fine aura that arouses the admiration of their friends and family. They appreciate harmony and stability.


Ilan, Ylan, Ilhan, Ylann, Illan, Ilane, Yllan, Ylhan, Hylan, Ylane, Hilan, Ilhann, Ylhann, Hylann, Illane, Ilana, Ylana, Illana, Ylanna, Hilana, Hylana, Ilanna, Ilhana, Yllana, Ilanah, Eylan, Eilan, Eilaan, Iylaan, Eylaan, Iylan, Eilane, Elaan, Elaane, Eilanne, and Elan.

His party :

There is no party for this name.

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