Name Ilda - Meaning of the origin

Name Ilda - Meaning of the origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Ilda is a derivative of Hilda. It comes from the word "hild" which means "battle".


Ilda Reis, artist-engraver of Portuguese origin (1923-1998), Hilda Khalife or Hilda Moudabber, Lebanese TV presenter, H.D. or Hilda Doolittle, American novelist and poet (1886-1961), Hilda Abrahamz, Venezuelan actress.
The Ilda are celebrated on the same day as Hilda de Whitby, grand-niece of a king of Northumbria. She was the first abbess of Whitby and attended the synod held in her abbey. She is the patroness of education and poetry.

His character :

Ilda is a shy and reserved girl who suffers from a lack of self-confidence. Introverted and hypersensitive, she constantly needs security as well as a soothing and harmonious environment to flourish. Imaginative and intuitive, Ilda knows how to adapt to each situation.


Bodil, Hida, Hide, Hilda, Hilde, Hildegard, Hildegonde and Ildegarde.

His party :

The Ilda are celebrated on November 17th.

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