Name Iloa - Meaning of thumbs

Name Iloa - Meaning of thumbs

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Meaning of the name:

From its Greek origin, the name Iloa means "shine of the sun".


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The Iloa are celebrated with Helen because of the resemblance of sonority. Constantine's wife, Saint Helena was a Roman empress. She is known as a saint by the Catholic and Orthodox churches. In the Catholic religion, she is considered the patron saint of dyers and merchants of nails and needles. Saint Helena is the patron saint of archaeologists in the Orthodox tradition.

His character :

Iloa is a refined and charming person from an early age. The spirit of independence is one of his most predominant traits. She holds to her freedom as to the apple of her eyes. Non-conformist in nature, she is also lively and open-minded, Iloa is made for adventures as well as traveling. This daring person is able to take on the wildest challenges. At the same time, Iloa essentially needs recognition. She does not like feeling sidelined and always wants first place. Intelligent and logical, she uses her power of seduction to achieve her ends.


Ilona, ​​Illona, ​​Illoa, Illena, Illenia, Ilenia and Helonna.

His party :

The people named Iloa are honored on August 18th.

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