Name Ilyana - Meaning of origin

Name Ilyana - Meaning of origin

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Etymologically, the name Ilyana means "above" or "noble" or "superior".


Ilyana Pavlova is a Siberian actress best known for her role in Karu Süda in 2001.

Ilyana Lanai is a Russian writer and sports journalist.

Ilyana Kadushin is an American actress.

His character :

Infinitely sociable, Ilyana loves human contact. Charming and refined, she has a spirit of conciliation. As a real woman of character, she knows how to impose with firmness. When she wants something, Ilyana never gives up before getting it. Endowed with enormous determination, she also uses her power of seduction. Moreover, this independent woman does not appreciate the constraints. Passionate and dynamic, she needs adventures and discoveries.
She is an extremely dynamic woman. She constantly needs movement. An extrovert, she is optimistic and full of good humor. Very pleasant to live, she is very affectionate and radiates when she is surrounded by her relatives. This joie de vivre is a real asset for both professional and private success.


Iliana, Yliana, Iliana, Ilianna, Hyliana, Ilyanna and Illiana.

His party :

No party is dedicated to Ilyana.

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