Name Imako - Meaning and origin

Name Imako - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Imako is composed of the Japanese terms "ima" and "ko" which mean respectively "now" and "child". It can therefore be translated as "child of the present".


Famous personalities bearing this name include the lady of the court of Emperor Montoku Fujiwara no Konshi said Imako.

His character :

Imako is a sincere and honest person. She will say everything she has to say. She is optimistic and does everything in her power to convey her good mood. Independent, she thinks she does not need anyone to succeed in life. Determined, she works hard to achieve her goals and goals. Imako is rarely discouraged. Even after a failure, she knows how to get up and learn from her mistakes. She is confident in her abilities and enjoys discovering new horizons and new cultures. She is particularly fond of travels and adventures. She hates the rules that hold her prisoner.


There are no known derivatives for this name.

His party :

There are no festivals known for the name Imako.

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