Name Imbert - Characteristics

Name Imbert - Characteristics

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

Imbert is a masculine given name. This name comes from the ancient Germanic meaning "immense", "immensity", "bright", "light" or "brilliant". Some sources report that this nickname comes from the old French "Ysambar", whose contemporary forms are "Isabert" in Germany and "Imbert" in England.


Imbert de Monte Ferrandi, Constable of Gloucester Castle.

Imbert is also a surname given by:

Esther Imbert (1570-1593), one of Henri IV's mistresses.

Gaspard Imbert, sculptor of the 17th century.

Paul Imbert, French explorer and sailor of the 17th century.

Joseph Imbert (1719-1794), blessed and Jesuit priest.

Jacques Imbert-Colomès (1729-1808), deputy royalist and alderman of Lyon.

Guillaume Imbert (1744-1803), French man of letters.

Barthélemy Imbert (1747-1790), French writer.

Jean-Chrisostôme Imbert (1779-1855), interim president of Haiti.

His character :

The Imbert are particularly good at human contact. Always a smile, it looks like they are attracting new people to their circle of friends growing daily. Children, they are far from being wise as images, but are not little devils for as much. They need to move and spend their energy before focusing on their studies and homework.


Ermen and Irmin.

His party :

There is no party for this name.

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