Name Inoa - Meaning and origin

Name Inoa - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Inoa comes from the Hebrew nûah which means "appeased" or "rested". By extension, the name Inoa could mean "comforting".


No celebrity endorsement of the name Inoa.

His character :

We recognize Inoa in her curious, imaginative and creative mind. Hungry for adventures and thrills, she will embark on expeditions to satisfy her curiosity. Inoa certainly does not lack courage and determination. With a great adaptability, it easily finds its place in any community. This great passion for culture and nature will lead her to study in the world of anthropology.
This impulsive and spontaneous soul appreciates surprises, but hates routine. For her, facing the unknown is a great opportunity to test her strength and bravery. She is very receptive to changes and innovations without setting aside her own values.
It goes without saying that Inoa is not made for long-term relationships and marriage. His dreams of escape take up all his time. Nevertheless, she will experience great passions that she will remember all her life. The day she finally gets tired of her busy life, she will seek to settle and build her nest in a quiet and peaceful place.
Inoa is also an inveterate feminist who will fight with all her might for gender equality. No doubt that is the reason why she seldom encumbers herself with the company of a macho and pretentious man. She will never tire of showing everyone's eyes that the woman is not as weak as one might think.


The name Inoa has no female derivatives.

His party :

Inoa is honored on November 10th.

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