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Clean at night? Patience!

Clean at night? Patience!

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After the cleanliness of day ... place to that of night! There, everything starts at age 3, but it takes time to remove her diapers permanently at night.

When is night cleanliness?

  • The first sleepless nights occur around 3 years old (on average, of course), usually a few months after daytime cleanliness.
  • It is indeed more difficult to totally control your sphincters when you sleep deeply! First, the little sleeper must hear the signal sent to him by his full bladder and wake up. It must then be awake enough to order his sphincters to remain closed.
  • Finally, he must find the energy and courage (at night, everything is a little scary!) To get up to go to his pot. But fortunately, over the months, the bladder grows regularly and therefore takes more and more time to fill, which allows to "hold" a whole night without accident.

Clean at night: some tips to help him ... without stressing him

  • Put his pot near his bed to avoid a night expedition in the apartment.
  • Leave a night light in his room to reassure him if he needs to get up.
  • Put her pajamas easy to lower.
  • The nap is a good training: if after a few afternoons, you find that his diaper is dry, he can probably do without. Your child will discover the sensation of being released while sleeping ...

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If the bedwetting persists beyond 6 years very regularly (primary enuresis), or if the nocturnal cleanliness which had been well established decreases (secondary enuresis), it is useful to consult an urologist in order to avoid any medical problem . If all goes well mechanically, the use of a psychologist can be useful.

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