Name Iris - Meaning and origin

Name Iris - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Short, Greek, Japanese

Meaning of the name:

From the Greek "iris", the name "Iris" means "rainbow".
In the land of the rising sun, the meaning of the name "Iris" is assimilated to the spring flower. Iris is the one who purifies and protects.


Sino-American historian and journalist Iris Shun-Ru, gallerist of avant-garde contemporary art Iris Clert, Coptic Egyptian historian Iris Habib Elmasry, British poet and actress Iris Tree, Quebec cartoonist Iris Boudreau- Jeanneau, the Swiss jurist and journalist Iris von Roten-Meyer ...
Saint Iris is the daughter of Philipe the Evangelist. She was martyred and executed shortly after her father's persecution in Geropolis, Asia Minor, at the beginning of the second century.

His character :

Iris has a welcoming, even extroverted personality. Very communicative and demonstrative, he likes human contact. His reactions are usually instantaneous. Emotivity on the skin, he is easily affected by what is happening around him. In the school and professional environment, he will demonstrate a foolproof motivation, explosive intelligence and unequaled dynamism. The quick and resourceful mind, he manages to achieve his goals in a relatively short time.


Irys, Yris ...

His party :

Iris are honored on September 4th.

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