Name Irénée - Meaning and origin

Name Irénée - Meaning and origin

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The name Irenaeus is derived from the Greek eirênaĩos or eirênê meaning "peaceful" or "peace".


Saint Irenaeus of Lyon, nicknamed the Father of the Church, was a great defender of the faith. He is known to have denounced the ideologies of the Gnostic sects.

His character :

The good mood and the joy of life define the personality of Irenaeus. Open, friendly and smiling, she has a good relationship with those around her. It is rare to hear him arguing with anyone. Whatever the differences, she always finds a very diplomatic way to settle them. His impartiality and altruism will surely lead to a career in the field of mediation.
This girl born under a lucky star seems to excel in all areas. His intelligence and his clairvoyance are surely for something. This gives her a certain confidence in herself that sometimes makes her vain.
Irénée also stands out for his particular ability to influence those around him. Thanks to her charisma and her great faculty of expression, she will succeed in getting the biggest robbers to be saints. No doubt this is the reason why the profession of advocate and advocacy passionate her naturally.
Despite the constraints of her daily life, Irénée always finds time to have fun with her family. A follower of nocturnal parties, she loves to go out and meet new people. Secretly, she hopes to meet the man who will change his life. Although she does not let it glimpse, Irenaeus is a romantic woman who dreams of Prince Charming.


Irene, Ireine, Irem, Irena, Irenne and Irenna.

His party :

The Ireneas are celebrated on June 28th.

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