Name Irénée - Meaning and origin

Name Irénée - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Irénée comes from the Greek "eirênê", to say "peace".
In Greek mythology, Eirênê is one of the five "Hours". Daughter of Zeus and Themis, she embodies peace.

Irenaeus is a mixed first name.


Reverend Father Irénée Beaubien (among the Jesuits pioneers of the ecumenical movement in Canada), the Quebec writer and politician Irénée Pelletier, the Brazilian philosopher and writer Irénée Guimaraes, the French politician Irénée Bourgois ...

Saint Irénée is the second bishop of Lyon, in the 2nd century. Regarded as one of the Church Fathers, he is known to have been the first Westerner to perform a systematic theologian's work. He denounced the dualistic ideology and the Gnostic sects.

His character :

A man with a fiery temperament, Irénée often acts with haste. Hyperactive, his life is very rhythmic, which leaves him little time to relax. His head full of ideas, he goes on projects.

Independent, Irenaeus does not wait for help from anyone to succeed. Confident, stubborn and combative, it is better not to get in the way. His audacity and stubbornness make him a difficult person to handle. He is a leader of nature ... from the sandbox!


No derivatives.

His party :

People named Irenaeus are honored on June 28th.

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