When does his heart beat in utero?

When does his heart beat in utero?

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When will your baby's heart begin to beat? A question that you surely ask yourself since you were pregnant, so happy to know this tiny being to develop in you ... so small and already so present in your mind and your heart!

In utero: a heart that beats, but not right now!

  • Before we can hear his little heart beat, we'll have to wait a bit. The cardiac activity does not start until 28 days of pregnancy because during the first 4 weeks after fertilization, your future baby has a lot to do. He must migrate from the trunk to gain the uterine cavity to hold on and start to grow.
  • About 20 days after fertilization, your baby's heart tube appears (this is the outline of his future heart). It is constituted by the fusion of two blood vessels. He is already agitated by spasmodic contractions, but does not yet have the shape of a heart.

His heart gives a sign of life to the first ultrasound

  • If cardiac activity begins around the 6th week of amenorrhea (AS), it is very rare to be able to observe it at this precise moment. Because in the context of an early pregnancy that occurs normally, no ultrasound control is performed before 2 months and a half. Only women whose pregnancy requires special follow-up and early ultrasound surveillance can observe the heartbeat of their future baby before 12 weeks.
  • When all goes well, you will be able to see and hear the heart of your little one around the 12th SA, when you will do your first ultrasound. Great moment where you will discover, most often with dad, the first indicators of life of your baby almost made up with his head, his limbs and his little heart galloping like a fiery horse. The perception of the sounds of his heart is possible thanks to the ultrasonic device which is used in consultation from 12 SA.

A heart that beats

  • Indeed, do not be worried about his very fast heart activity. At this stage of its development, its heart emits on average between 140 and 160 pulsations per minute while an adult heart beats only 80 pulsations. As you grow up your baby's heart rate will begin to slow down.

The heart of baby in utero: the video

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