Name Isas - Meaning of the Name

Name Isas - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:

Short, Japanese, Original, Rare

Meaning of the name:

From its Japanese origin, the name Isas means "the one who deserves" or "worthy".


No celebrity currently bears this extremely rare first name.

His character :

Covert and secret in appearance, Isas is a charming man who conceals a great shyness. On the other hand, a very strong will hides behind this apparent coldness. Hyperactive, Isas is indeed a tireless worker. Volunteer, he shows a lot of determination in everything he undertakes. It flourishes only in action and in freedom. Enemy of monotony, he is strongly attracted by travels and discoveries. This adventurer especially needs to escape to realize himself fully.
Despite his independent side, Isas enjoys human contact. Although an individualist, he has a true sense of friendship that makes him helpful and charitable. With great availability, Isas is able to devote himself body and soul to his loved ones.


There is no derivative of the name Isas.

His party :

No parties are attributed to the people named Isas.

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