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What DVDs to watch in family?

Humor, poetry, suspense and adventure: all the ingredients are combined in the scenarios of these DVDs to appeal to young, demanding spectators. A selection of 3 to 7 years.


From 3 years Capelito the integral

  • Capelito is a little mushroom made of modeling clay that has the power to turn his hat into whatever he wants. Coming from Catalonia (Spain), he charms the little ones by the infinite sweetness of his stories without words, where the meeting with a kitten, an egg or a ball of wool constitutes an infinite source of gags full of tenderness. The entirety of his adventures is put together in a box of three DVDs.
  • Arte editions, € 29.99.
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From 3 years: The witch in the air

  • Despite her pointed hat and hooked nose, the witch imagined by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler (creators of the delicious monster Gruffalo) is not a bad creature: moved by the distress of the animals she meets (an abandoned dog, a bird rejected by its nest ...), she invites them to share his broom to fly in the air. The expressiveness and humor of the characters make the flavor of this animated film, awarded at the Annecy Festival and selected at the Oscars. The box includes the DVD, the original book and a witch pouch in purple velvet.
  • Youth Gallimard, € 14.90
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From 6 years old: Sidewalk Stories

  • One evening in New York, at the corner of an alley, a homeless person who survives by drawing the portrait of passers-by collects a girl whose father has just been murdered. He adopts it and tries somehow to take care of it ... Released in 1989, this film, silent and in black and white, is a magnificent tribute to the Kid Chaplin, by turns funny, tender and poignant. A jewel full of generosity, warmth and love!
  • By and with Charles Lane, Carlotta Films editions, 20 €.
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From 7 years old: Aces of jungle 2, the treasure of old Jim

  • After the success of the series broadcast on France 3 and the movie sold worldwide, Maurice, the penguin who thinks he is a tiger, and his equally frosty acolytes return for a new adventure in the long run. They will have to be ingenious to face formidable pirates, led by Captain Barbe Sale ... truculent characters and crazy gags are the salt of this animated TV movie produced by a small studio Toulouse (Tat productions).
  • Universal Pictures Video, 9 €

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