Name Isaura - Meaning of origin

Name Isaura - Meaning of origin

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In the Greek language, the name Isaura means "inhabitant of Isauria".


Isaura Zelaya Favila is a business consultant with a background in economics and public policy analysis.
Jose Angel Espinoza's daughter, Isaura Esponiza is a Mexican actress famous for her performances in soap operas.
Nicknamed the Brazilian Edith Piaff, Isaura Garcia is one of the emblems of local popular music.
Wife of Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, Isaura Nyusi becomes the first lady of the Republic of Mozambique on October 15, 2015.
Saint Aure of Paris is the protectress of Isaura. She was the first abbess of the Martial monastery founded by Saint Eloi.

His character :

Isaura is undeniably a beautiful and charming woman. Its undisputed taste for fashion enhances the attraction it brings to the opposite sex. Taking a particular care to her look, she likes to attract attention and admire.
As beautiful as it is intelligent, Isaura has a great analytical ability and speed to solve problems. Endowed with boundless ambition, she aspires to climb the ladder to reach the summit of success. To achieve this, this loyal woman will use her innate abilities in negotiation.
Courageous, understanding and affectionate, Isaura loves helping her loved ones. She is not one of those who will flee at the first obstacles. On the contrary, she confronts problems without flinching. His relatives know that they can count on Isaura in all circumstances. His loyalty, strength and bravery are unwavering.


Aure and Aurée.

His party :

Isaura is celebrated on October 4th.

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