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What books for this summer?

What books for this summer?

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Stories, your child loves! You do not know which one to choose for this summer? Follow the guide with this selection of books for small vacationers from 18 months to over 3 years old.

My animated album: the sea

At sea, there are funny little animals like jellyfish or crab. There are algae and shells, tides, and so on. A kind of colorful picture book with a thousand marine treasures to discover, and little info under the covers. An educational book and fun at a time.

From 2 years old, by V. Guidoux and M. Boutavant, Nathan youth, 10,95 €.

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Fish, fish!

This pretty blanket announces a firework display of fish. Big and small, fish-boys, fish-girls, who love cuddling, others not ... Your toddler can admire them in a final pop-up!

From 3 years old, by C. Blielinsky, Casterman, 9,95 €.

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Lou is thirsty!

Jeanne Ashbé has no equal to write stories that go straight to the heart of your baby. In this beautiful cardboard album, the twelfth of the adventures of the tandem Lou and Mouf, we must lift the shutters and pull the tabs. That way, we give all animals a drink!

From 18 months, by J. Ashbé, Pastel, 15 €.

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Boris, to the water!

He's too cute Boris! But it's a hell of a rascal. In this episode, we see him stuck all his toys, this one and again this other. Not one escapes! Hey, in the bath even if they do not like it! A joke mini-album for very small hands.

From 2 years old, by Mathis, Thierry Magnier, 6,50 €.

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Frankly, Lucie, the turtle, has no chance of winning the race! There is Freddy the rabbit, a lot of his cousins ​​... Except that life has many surprises. A delicious story that proves to your little one that you should never leave losing.

From 3 years old, by F. Magnan, The School of Leisure, 9.50 €.

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Agnes Barboux

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