What signs for baby sex?

What signs for baby sex?

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"Pregnant, are there signs that allow me to know the sex of my baby ?, Anna Roy, liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris, answers the question of Carole.

The answer of Anna Roy, liberal and hospitable midwife in Paris

  • It is at the moment of the morphological ultrasound of the fifth month of the pregnancy that it is possible to know the sex of its future child. Waiting that can seem endless for many parents, wanting to know if they are waiting for a little girl or a boy.
  • Belly round or pointed, cravings sweet or salty, baby placed high or rather low, pregnancy mask or not, heartbeat galloping or rather Zen ... Of all time, these different signs were used to "predict" if the baby was going to be a boy or girl. Predictions that varied by family and could be true to 50%. A chance on two to have a boy or a girl. But none of these signs is a harbinger of the sex of a child.
  • The morphology of a pregnant woman depends on how the embryo implants itself in the uterine cavity. These behaviors are dependent on the way in which she will react to the hormonal upheavals ... so many parameters that will make that no pregnancy is alike for the same woman having waited two children of the same sex.
  • You can always have fun identifying signs that the expected child will be more like a little boy or girl. Provided they do not bring them too much credibility and do not invest too much. Parents may be disappointed, especially if they want to have a child of a specific sex. The only scientific and proven way to diagnose the sex of a future baby is ultrasound, and amniocentesis for prospective parents who must resort to this examination.

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