Name Isidora - Meaning of the origin

Name Isidora - Meaning of the origin

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Meaning of the name:

This name comes from the name of the Greek goddess Esi and the word doron meaning "gift". Isidora is thus a divine gift.


Isidora Simijonovic is a Serbian actress known for her performance in the movie Clip directed by Maja Milos.
Her role in the Paranoïa series has boosted the career of American actress Isidora Goreshter.
Internationally renowned dancer and choreographer, Isadora Duncan has pioneered the world of modern dance.
Nicknamed "Prophetess of the House of Isis", Isisdora Forrest is the author of books like Isis Magic and The Offering to Isis.
St. Isidora was martyred during the persecutions instigated by Maximin Thrace. To salute her courage, her daughter built a church where she was killed.

His character :

Beauty, charm and elegance characterize Isidora. Her sleek look, refined tastes, natural elegance, everything about her is perfection. Few men resist his soft voice as well as his shy but charming smile. Isidora is the kind of woman who never goes unnoticed! Aware of the fascination she provokes in the opposite sex, she tends to use her charm to manipulate men. When someone succeeds in taming his heart, she will become a perfect wife and mother.

In addition to its beauty, Isidora is very intelligent. His good sense, realism and insight are his greatest assets for a successful career. Serious and meticulous, Isidora strives for perfection on all fronts.



His party :

We are celebrating Isidora on April 4th.

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