Name Ismelda - Meaning of thumbs

Name Ismelda - Meaning of thumbs

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Meaning of the name:

In the Hebrew language, the name Ismelda means "God is my home".


Ismelda Rosario is a young woman known for her determination to discover the one who took her father's life.

His character :

Of a great emotivity, Ismelda often reacts with a quarter turn. This unpredictable soul changes mood in no time. This very confusing aspect of his personality is all the charm of Ismelda. Many men will rave about this woman with a strong temperament who can not be easily influenced. This great capricious attaches great importance to the outward signs of wealth and does not hesitate to manipulate his family to flatter his desire for greatness.
Beauty, charm and elegance meet at Ismelda. No doubt that is the reason why she is so coveted by men ... Concerned to attract attention, she handles wonderfully fashion accessories to put its assets in value. An insubordinate and independent woman, Ismelda seldom encumbers herself with the company of a jealous and possessive man.
Ismelda is also distinguished by his singular intuition that leaves his entourage perplexed. Very often, one would think her as clairvoyant, because she easily smells the bad blows. Thanks to this unusual gift, as well as to his intelligence and foresight, Ismelda rarely fails in his projects. In addition to these qualities, his Machiavellism contributes greatly to his success. Indeed, she has a variety of tricks and tricks to rally people to his cause.


The first name Ismelda has no derivatives.

His party :

Ismelda is in the spotlight on February 22nd.

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