Name Ismet - Meaning of the origin

Name Ismet - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Ismet is the Turkish form of the Arabic name Ismat meaning "honesty" or "purity".


Ismet Inönü is a military man and a politician who was the second president of the Republic of Turkey.
Ismet Horo is a comedian from Bosnia who made a career in the 90s.
Ismet Özel is a 20th century Turkish poet and writer.
Ismet Peja is an Albanian singer.
Professional footballers Ismet Munisi, Ismet Stilic and Ismet Selim.

His character :

With a natural authority, Ismet is nonetheless a soft and warm being. Dynamic and charismatic, he has all the qualities to become an excellent leader. Thanks to his intelligence, his insight and his determination, Ismet is promised a beautiful professional career.


The name Ismet has no derivatives.

His party :

There is no known holiday day for Ismet.

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