Name Istvan - Meaning and origin

Name Istvan - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Greeks, Slavs

Meaning of the name:

This Hungarian male given name comes from the Greek "Stephanos" which means "crown". It is similar to Slavic "Stepan" or "Stevan", German "Stephan" and Latin "Stephanus". The Hungarian medieval variant of this name is "Istefán". "Stephen" is the patron saint of Hungary.


This name was worn by several kings of England, Poland and Serbia, as well as by 10 popes. It was also worn by the first Hungarian Christian king in the 10th century. We can also mention the English physicist Stephen Hawking (1942-) and the best-selling American author Stephen King (1947-).

His character :

The Istvan are men who show great intelligence and finesse from an early age. They are natural, dynamic, and always in search of autonomy and independence. Very attached to their friends and family, the Istvan need to feel surrounded to be at their best.


Stephan, Stefan, Stephane, Stevan, Istefan, Stephen, Stephen, Steeve, Steeven, Stephen, Steve, Stevens and Steve.

His party :

December 26th. Saint Stephen was a deacon stoned to death according to the New Testament narratives. He is considered the first Christian martyr.

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