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Back to school: what changes?

Back to school: what changes?

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This year, the school year will be September 2, 2109 and will be under the sign of the draft law on the school of trust adopted June 13, 2019. Here are the main changes expected.

Compulsory school from 3 years

  • From the beginning of the school year 2019, school becomes mandatory from the age of 3, instead of 6 years, in order to offer all students the same chances of succeeding in their schooling. "It is important to make kindergarten a real school, where it is possible to attack the inequalities at the root and it is an essential moment of the student's journey", said Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer.
  • However, this change will affect only about 26,000 students, with 97% of 3-year-olds already in school.

Evaluations maintained but reviews

  • The evaluations put in place in 2018 in CP, CE1 and 6e will be maintained but with a timetable adapted to make the complete results more quickly available to the teachers.

Flags and Marseillaise at school

  • From the start of the school year, it is planned to make the presence of the French and European flags in each class (in the form of posters) mandatory, as well as the motto "Liberty, equality, fraternity" and the words of the Marseillaise, to appropriate the values ​​and symbols of the Republic from an early age. Will be concerned the first and the second degrees as well as the public and private establishments under contract.

Other measures

  • The program of duplication of classes in priority zones initiated in 2017 to combat the difficulty of school will apply from this return to all classes of CP and CE1 Rep and Rep +.
  • As part of the Poverty Plan, 100,000 French students will be involved in setting up free breakfasts at school. The establishments concerned must be part of a REP or REP + zone.
  • In some schools, colleges and high schools, new schedules will be tested (with classical classes in the morning such as French and maths, and sports or artistic activities in the afternoon) and in Ile-de-France, some schools will test the beginning of classes at 9am instead of 8am.
  • Implementation of appropriate measures to better support students with disabilities.

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