Name Ivelyne - Meaning of origin

Name Ivelyne - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Celts, French

Meaning of the name:

This is the feminine form of Yves, name derived from the Celtic "iv" meaning "if" or by extension, "shrub".


There is no famous Ivelyne.

The Ivelynes are celebrated at the same time as Saint-Yves. The most popular saint of Brittany, Saint-Yves has created a hospice and an orphanage with its own budget. Defender of the poor and peasants, he is nicknamed the "advocate of the poor". Saint-Yves studied theology and law. He was appointed ecclesiastical judge (in Rennes), then country priest (in Louannec).

His character :

For Ivelyne, friendship is sacred. Loyal, she is trustworthy. Yet very sociable, Ivelyne chooses scrupulously his true friends. Diplomatic, she does not tolerate the climates of tension and defuses any conflict that presents itself. Armed with boundless courage and always voluntary, Ivelyne will stop at nothing to achieve the goals she has set. Endowed with a natural and ambitious authority, Ivelyne aspires to great projects. She knows how to differentiate the essential from the accessory and never loses her time in front of futilities. Seductive from an early age, Ivelyne displays a great sensitivity increased. She is warm, affectionate and communicative, but when she does not feel at ease, she is cautious and cautious.


Yveline, Iveline and Yvelyne.

His party :

The Ivelynes are celebrated on January 13th.

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