Name Izaline - Meaning and origin

Name Izaline - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Elders, Greeks, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Several etymologies are possible for this feminine given name. Izaline can be derived from Elizabeth as from Isabelle. These two first names come from the Hebrew "Elicheva" or "El-Yah-Beth" which means "God is my home" or "God is promise or oath". Like Isabelle, Izaline can also be inspired by the Semitic legend to describe the daughter of Ba'al. "Ysoline", "Ysaline" or "Izaline" also derive "Eusebia". The latter comes from "Eusebius" from the Greek "eusobios" or "eusebes" translating as "pious".


Izaline Calister, a famous West Indian musician born in 1969.

Isaline Blew Horner (1896-1981), English specialist in Indian religious literature.

Ysaline (1988), Princess of Lobkowicz.

Iseline is the name of a character from Knut Hamsun's novel. She is a little savage who lives in the Pan Forest, famous in Norwegian tales.

His character :

Izaline overflows with energy and can give the impression of having a hyperactive side. Very alive, she is well in her skin and has great energy. She is also endowed with a great power of persuasion that allows her to achieve her goals (but gently) and to move at her own pace without being distracted by the criticism and opinion of others. Izaline is also a charismatic person who likes to please and impress those around him.


Isoline, Isaline, Isalyne, Isalyn, Ysalis, Ysoline, Yzaline, Izolina, Iseline, Yseuline, Iseut, Isolde, Yseult, Yseur and Ysaline.

His party :

Ysaline is celebrated on 22 or 24 February. There are three Eusebian saints who are celebrated on March 16, September 20 or October 11 in France respectively.

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