Jaïda Name - Meaning and Origin

Jaïda Name - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Jaïda is a variant of Jaida. In the Arabic language, it means "one who has a long, thin neck" or "one who has a graceful neck".


Jahida Wehbe is a Lebanese poet, singer and actress.
Jaida Dreyer is a singer-songwriter of American-Canadian country music. She is also world champion in the equestrian category.

His character :

Jaïda is an attractive and friendly girl. Brimming with charm, sensitivity and vivacity, it is a sociable and extroverted being. Among her favorite pursuits is to please those around her and to ensure that peace and harmony reign all around her. Showing a great curiosity, she is talkative and radiates joy on a daily basis. Jaïda is a great optimist who does not let herself be affected by the difficulty of the situations she encounters. Gay and practical, she knows how to play down the most complicated situations. Although she is hypernervous, she still shows balance by doing everything possible to defuse conflicts. Jaïda hates complications of all kinds. When unable to solve a problem, she can be impatient and even aggressive. To achieve its goals and to ensure that peace reigns around it, Jaïda does not hesitate to use all the means at its disposal. Thus, she can be flirtatious and seductive while resorting to the most subtle persuasion.


Jaida, Jayda and Jahida.

His party :

There are two parties for people with the first name Jaïda: May 3rd and July 25th.

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