Sexuality: how to answer its first why?

Sexuality: how to answer its first why?

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"Why a zizi, I do not have one?", "Why, me, it's not the same?" ... For some time, your child begins to bombard you with interrogations very oriented sexuality ... Answer? Yes but how ? Take our quiz to stay in doubt!

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Sexual issues correspond to a specific stage of your child's development?

That's right. It's wrong.


Between the age of 2 and 3, the child begins, according to Freud, the phallic stage. During this stage of his development, he realizes that there are different sexes. Little boys and girls see that they do not have the same sexual attributes. The girl finds that she does not have breasts like her mom, and the boy notices that between the penis of his dad and his, it's not the same! All this questions them, so they ask questions !