Name Janique - Meaning and origin

Name Janique - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Variant of John, Janique is inspired by the Hebrew terms yo and hanan referring to the meaning of "Gods are merciful" or "God has given grace".


No celebrities named Janique, your little one perhaps?

His character :

Janique is weighted, intelligent and emotional. Fortunately, his balanced nature allows him to balance things out. Active and voluntary, he easily engages in causes that he considers just. Defender of the weak, he uses his intelligence and his sense of persuasion to rally others to his cause. Leader born, Janique a bit manipulative, but often for the good cause, he uses his power to do justice. He is thoughtful and regularly calls into question. This parenthesis allows him to get in touch with his emotions and his very being. Janique is a loyal and dedicated friend. His friends know they can count on him, as long as they do not lie to him. He hates betrayal and forgives with difficulty.


Janic, Jannick, Jannic, Jannik, Janick and Janik.

His party :

Janique is honored on May 30 in memory of Joan of Arc, French heroine of the fifteenth century. She died burned alive May 30, 1431.

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