Janny Name - Meaning and Origin

Janny Name - Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This feminine given name comes from the Hebrew "yô et hânan" which means "God is merciful".


Janny Wurts is an American writer, illustrator and painter known to the public as co-author of the "Trilogy of the Empire" novels.
Janny Brandes-Brilleslijper is a Dutch Jewess born on August 24, 1916 and deceased on August 15, 2003. She was the only survivor of the Holocaust and one of the last people to have seen Anne Franck.
Jeannie Longo is a French cycling racer from Annecy, born October 31, 1958. She is especially famous for the longevity of her career, marked by an Olympic title and 13 titles of world champion.
Janny was under the protection of Joan of Arc, a historical figure who forced the English to raise the siege of Orleans during the Hundred Years War. She was killed by lynching on May 30, 1431 by the English.

His character :

On a daily basis, Janny is calm and impassive. Her personality reflects a certain paradox, because she can be suddenly very active. She always manages to keep her serenity, no matter the circumstances. She combines her calm and thoughtful attitude with a serious side. Janny thus constitutes a person of confidence, as well for his close relations as for his superior. In the role of leader, Janny reveals a sense of innate responsibility and a taste for challenges. In her personal life, Janny is very reserved. It does not open easily to others. In addition, she takes a lot of time to observe and think before making decisions. This behavior comes mainly from an increased objectivity helping him to reach his objectives more easily. Her entourage particularly appreciates her generosity, as she spares no effort to help people in difficulty. Concerning her morality, Janny has her own values ​​and strictly adheres to social norms.


Jeannie, Jannie, Janne, Jeannette and Jeanine.

His party :

The Jannies are celebrated on May 8th or 30th.

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