Hand care: which cream to choose?

Hand care: which cream to choose?

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Your hands are fragile and you tend to forget it. Attacked daily by the cold and repeated washing, they deserve all your attention. All our tips to find the cream you need.

What kind of cream?

Almost all cosmetic brands offer a special hand cream. Choose the texture according to their needs.

  • Favor the fluid textures which penetrate quickly if your hands are dry and chapped.
  • Go for a more hydrating treatment, more oily, based on jojoba oil or sweet almond, which relieves very dry and very damaged skins.
  • Prefer a cream thicker and richer based on shea which will deeply rehydrate a very damaged skin.
  • Opt for a brand that offers an asset like aloe vera, excellent for healing small cracks and not leaving skin oily.
  • Throw yourself on a fragrant formula, very nice to apply.

Good gestures

Using a cream is good, but with a good technique, it's better.

  • Apply it from preferably in the evening.
  • Post it in thick layer.
  • Massage well until complete penetration.
  • Get maximum effect by applying a good thick layer, then put on thin cotton gloves to keep all night. Guaranteed effect in the early morning!
  • Take a little tube in your bag.
  • Leave one in strategic places : your office, your car.
  • Wear gloves to do the dishes and cleaning.
  • Dry properly your hands after washing them.
  • Never go out without protecting your hands from the cold with gloves.

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