His first bike

His first bike

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Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "Les Essentiels d ': 57 tricks to grow well from 2 to 4 years", sold with the November issue of. Today, his first bike.

  • Once he has acquired the walk, and after training for months on his tricycle or his bike, your child is ready to ride a bike. With of course roulettes to stabilize it at the beginning ... It is a great way for him to discover the world while muscling his legs: to push a blow to the right then a blow to the left, it takes strength!
  • Since he is not yet able to separate the action of his hands from that of his feet to brake, opt for a handlebar equipped with a brake-blocking system. As for safety, a helmet is mandatory. It must be CE approved. Make sure it goes down low enough to the back of the skull. Once set, he must not move. When he is completely comfortable and wants more mobility to sneak with his bike, it will be time to remove the wheels ...

When to remove small wheels?

  • No need to force him to ride a bike without stabilizers on the pretext that "it's age". Wait until he feels ready and asks you. For your child, the first step is to find your balance. For that, take him on a flat ground. Lower the saddle until his feet touch the ground easily, that will reassure him. After two or three trips, encourage him to pedal while holding the saddle. In principle, the practice of the tricycle allowed him to memorize the movement.
  • When you feel that he has found his balance, let go of it. He falls? It's normal, he still has a little trouble coordinating the movements of the arms and legs and sometimes forgets to look where he goes. When he feels comfortable, raise the seat to the correct height to avoid causing back problems. More than with a bike on wheels, equip it with a helmet and why not knee pads and elbow pads. Wait before taking it on slopes or climbs, it's more difficult!

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