Name Jayson - Meaning of thumbs

Name Jayson - Meaning of thumbs

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Meaning of the name:

The name Jayson is a variant of Jason in the Anglo-Saxon language. The name Jason meanwhile comes from the Greek word "iasôn" which means "healer". In Hebrew, it also derives from the name Joshua which means "God is merciful".


American baseball player Jayson Nix, London piansite Jayson Gillham, dancer-choreographer and actor Jason Derülo, Canadian actor Jason Priestley, American actor Jason Biggs ...

Jayson's patron saint is Jason from Thessaloniki, a brave New Testament man known to have sheltered Saint Paul and Silas at home and helped them escape. These actions were condemned by the Jews.

His character :

Jayson is a person with charm, class and elegance. He tends to hide his sensitivity behind a small smile on the corner of the lips that many find cute. He is good at miming indifference, especially when he needs calm and tranquility. Perfectionist and very meticulous in his work, Jayson hates mediocrity and failure. Quiet nature, he knows how to be a little hard to push his colleagues to give the best of themselves.


Jason, Jay, Joshua, Joshua.

His party :

Jayson is celebrated on July 12th.

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