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Table of activities: it's good for babies!

Table of activities: it's good for babies!

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Also called a wake-up table, the activity board is generally very popular with babies because it allows you to perform lots of fun little actions ...

What are the advantages of the activity table?

  • Practical, the wake-up board can be easily attached to the bars of the cradle or park so that baby can have fun. It offers many activities as fun as enriching on the motor plan: small shutters to lift, wheels to turn, keys to support ...
  • In addition to refining its motor functions, the activity chart also helps to develop baby's senses, especially its view thanks to its bright colors. His sense of touch is also put to use thanks to the different textures and materials present on the board.
  • Most of the activity boards are also equipped with sound elements, ranging from the toy that is "pouët" when pressed to the keys triggering musical notes or cries of animals ... In short: it fully performs its functions as a toy entertaining while contributing to the awakening of baby.

What age group is the activity table intended for?

  • Some tables of activity are usable from the age of 3 months. Other tables, offering more elaborate activities, are recommended from 6 months to 9 months ...
  • The "evolutionary" models can meanwhile accompany baby from the age of 6 months to 18 months or more (up to 36 months).

How to choose your enlightenment chart?

  • When making your choice, first check that the wake-up table corresponds to the age of your baby and that it bears a mention of the type "complies with safety requirements" (presence of a CE or NF standard ).
  • So that baby does not get tired too quickly, it is also recommended to choose a table of enlightenment presenting many activities (some propose more than twenty, even if they are distributed on both sides of the table). They must also be as diversified as possible: elements to turn, to push, to shoot, lights that turn on, melodies, etc.
  • Another thing to take into account: the various options offered by the table of enlightenment. Some allow to adjust the sound volume for example (a point appreciated by most parents), or can even act as a night light!
  • Scalable models can also be turned into a "waking table" (feet are provided) when the baby is tall enough to sit or stand tall. They also have the advantage of serving a long time. Only problem: they are often quite expensive ...

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