Tartar of mushrooms in shell of conchiglioni

Tartar of mushrooms in shell of conchiglioni

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A mouthful of mushrooms from Paris, to be served at the table in the entrance or on a buffet. The kids will love.


For 4 people :

  • 200 g of Paris mushrooms
  • ½ lemon,
  • ½ bunch of chives
  • 1 C. coffee balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tbsp. whole cream liquid
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 12 conchiglioni (large shell-shaped pasta) cooked
  • 12 paper boxes.


Cut the mushroom feet flush with the hat. Rinse them thoroughly under water (to remove all the sand).

Chop the mushrooms and chives as finely as possible and put them in a large bowl.

Squeeze the lemon on the mushrooms to limit their browning.

Add a pinch of salt and liquid cream. Mix well.

Stuff each dough of this preparation. Place in each cell of the egg box a paper box to place the stuffed pasta.

Recipe: Interfel

Photo: Philippe DUFOUR / Interfel