Name Jean-François - Meaning and origin

Name Jean-François - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Jean-François is a name composed of the Hebrew "Yeo Hanan" which means "God gives grace" and Latin "Franci" which means the people "Franc".


Jean-François Papillon, also known as Jean-François Pétécou by the Haitians and Jean-François Orozco by the Spaniards was a Haitian slave.

Jean-François Balmer, French actor, Jean-François Coppé, French politician, Jean-François Piège, famous chef, Jean-François Kahn, French journalist and writer ...

Saint Jean-François Régis, nicknamed "the Apostle of Velay and Vivarais", was a French Jesuit of the seventeenth century. His superiors called him "internal missionary". His strict lifestyle was admired by his contemporaries and he created a refuge for repentant prostitutes despite the controversy. In 1737 he was canonized by Pope Clement XII. He is the patron saint of the Jesuits of France and the lacemakers.

His character :

Jean-François is passionate about art. He may seem extroverted and flippant, but actually prefers solitude to worldly life. He is very attached to his family for which he can struggle. Jean-François has trouble expressing his emotions in friendship and love. He is a shy person who will only truly reveal himself with time. Thus, he will surround himself with faithful and patient friends. He is also an original person who likes new ideas and new creations. He can make a career in art.


Francis, Franck, Franz, Francis, John, John, Juan

His party :

The Jean-François are celebrated on June 16th.

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