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Tender Cancer

Tender Cancer

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Born between June 22 and July 22, your little Cancer is intuitive and very cuddly. Veinarde! What are his main character traits, how do you behave with him, what games or gift ideas for his birthday?

His character

  • To you hugs, sweet words, big hearts like that, little Cancer loves you more than anything and you prove it every day, at the risk of being a bit ... pot of glue! Yes, like all signs of water, little Cancer is very sensitive and the softest of protections, these are the arms of his mom!
  • Huddled against you, your little Cancer observes, fascinated, the comings and goings of his friends in the square. It's true he's not a daredevil. Particularly sweet and lovinghe needs to put himself in condition ... That's it, he starts? And hop ! He is coming back to you.
  • Altruistic, intuitive, tender and protective, he will also be the sweetest of friends. Little Cancer is often a romantic child and a boundless imagination, passing from reverie to happy babbles.
  • You are in a good mood? He's gay like a chaffinch. Are you upset? It becomes sad ... Take conscience. Your little prince is particularly sensitive to your mood, your reassuring words.
  • And better than anyone else, he will express his emotions. Stay tuned.

What character for your little Cancer to you? Our survey

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To follow: our advice to live well with him.

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