Name Jeannot - Meaning and origin

Name Jeannot - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Jeannot comes from the Hebrew "Yeohanan" which means "God gives grace". It can also be a diminutive of John.


Among the celebrities bearing this name are Congolese singer Jeannot Bombenga, ice hockey player Jeannot Gilbert and politicians Jeannot Krecké, Jeannot Kouadio-Ahoussou and Jeannot Volpé.

Saint John the Baptist is the cousin of Jesus and a prophet of the first century. He gathered many disciples and announced the coming of the kingdom of God. In the Gospel according to St. Matthew, Jesus himself came to see him to be baptized. John the Baptist died decapitated after being imprisoned by Herod.

His character :

Jeannot is a dedicated and hardworking person. He is able to give up his interests for a greater cause. Jeannot is an extrovert and prefers the company of his friends to solitude. He wants above all to bring love and compassion to the people around him. He has a real gift for bringing comfort. He is a positive person who does not let himself be discouraged by his failures.


John, John, Johnny, Yann, Ivan and Yvan.

His party :

The Jeannots are celebrated on June 24th or December 27th.

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