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Want a nice sunny name? From bossa nova creator Joao Gilberton to singer Gilberto Gil to footballer Ronaldo or stylist Cristina Cordula ... 20 vibrant first name ideas for your future baby.

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  • Male first name.
  • Portuguese form of John, which means God gives grace in Hebrew. It is a common name in Brazil. Two famous examples: Joao Baptisita de Oliveira Figueiredo who was president of Brazil from 1979 to 1985, and Joao Gilberto, creator of bossa nova, born in 1931.
  • His party : June 24th.


  • Female first name.
  • Derived from Christine, from the Latin "christianus", partisan of Christ. A name full of charm since it is that of the famous stylist and old Brazilian model Cristina Cordula, now host on Teva and M6.
  • Sainte Christine, known as Christine l'Admirable, was a twelfth-century Belgian nun whose mission was to reconcile fishermen with God, which she did by multiplying miracles.
  • His party : July 24th.


  • Male first name.
  • Diminutive of Santiago, Portuguese form of Jacques. It's the name of an actor who goes to Brazil, Thiago Lacerda, and also that of the footballer Thiago Silva.
  • St. James, a disciple of Christ and brother of St. John the Evangelist, was martyred and put to death by Herod Agrippa. His remains rest in Spain.
  • His party : July 25th.

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