Name Jemila - Meaning of the origin

Name Jemila - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

This Arabic first name which is the feminine form of "Jamel" or "Jemil" means "beauty".


This North African origin name was worn by several well-known personalities, such as the American singer Jamila Akiko Chilombo better known under her stage name "Japollonia", the Tunisian actress Jamila Chihi or the poets Jamila Mejri and Jamila Abitar.

His character :

Reserved and discreet, Jemila can sometimes seem mysterious. While attaching particular importance to preserving her private life and secret garden, she is nonetheless dynamic and active. Enthusiast of independence and freedom, Jemila is a leader at heart and prefers to learn from her mistakes and failures rather than asking for help from those around her. From this perspective, she does not appreciate being dictated to her behavior and prefers to make the important decisions of her daily life and life in accordance with her principles.


Djamal, Djamel, Djamil, Djemal, Djemel, Jamal, Jamal, Jamel, Jamil, Jameel, Gamil, Gamila, Jamila, Jameela, Jamila, Jamillah and Cemil.

His party :

May 14th. This day Saint Aglais or Aglae, the mistress of St. Boniface, is honored. Inspired by Christianity, they both converted and became good Christians together. Unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived, since St Boniface was martyred on his pilgrimage to Tarsus at the request of Aglais.

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