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Three albums to talk about the school

Three albums to talk about the school

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School ... an adventure for your child. How to prepare it? Help him adapt? These three albums, very different, will reassure him.

To make you want to go back to school

  • School, what an adventure! There are those who, on D-Day, go there with little steps and those who double, so much they are in a hurry to go. There are mistresses like this, like that, funny, tender, coquettish or serious! There are chairs, tables just at the right size and lots of exciting activities. A soft album that paints the picture of all that awaits your junior schoolboy in this thrilling adventure. By Marie-Agnès Gaudrat and Roser Capdevila, Bayard Youth, 10,90 €

To dream

  • The return of Trotro. Bright red trousers, lemon yellow sweater ... with Trotro, this little hero, too funny, designed by Bénédicte Guettier, life is always happy. As Trotro is a little early for his return, here he is accompanying a small ant to his school, then a snail, a bird ... The opportunity to learn to count, to sing, to paint ... By Bénédicte Guettier, Gallimard youth Giboulées, 15 €.

To feel less jealous of the baby who stays with mom!

  • Marion the jealous. It's not always easy school. You have to get up every morning. So, when you have a little brother or a little sister who stays at home, warm, it makes you jealous! This is what happens to Marion who has to get up and not make noise while Poupou sleeps. So, she steals her cuddly toy during her sleep and hides it in her schoolbag ... A classic from the magazine Beautiful Stories reissued in a flexible and hardback collection, very pleasant to read. By Janine Teisson and Jean-François Martin, Bayard edition, The Beautiful Stories, 4.90 €.

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