Name Jeoffray - Meaning of thumbs

Name Jeoffray - Meaning of thumbs

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Meaning of the name:

Modern transcription of the ancient German "Godefroy", "Joeffray" as "Joffrey" comes from the terms "god" and "frid" resulting respectively in "god" and "peace".


The circle of famous Joeffray is relatively small, but includes footballer Joffrey Cuffaut, comedian Joffrey Verbruggen, rugby player Joffrey Michel, basketball player Joffrey Lauvergne, Belgian comedian Joffrey Verbruggen, ice hockey player Joffrey Lupul, the famous American ballet Joffrey Ballet as well as the star character of the essential American series "Game of Thrones" Joffrey Baratheon.

Jeoffray's patron saint is St. Godefroi, the late Count of Kappenberg in Bavaria. Very generous, he was also of great piety and deeply concerned about the situation of the sick and the poor. Ready to transform his home into a monastery, he had to face fierce opposition from his family. He served the needy until his death in 1127.

His character :

Enthusiastic and enterprising, the Joeffray are independent, autonomous and persevering. Their strong character allows them to always achieve their ends. Communicating their joy and good humor to those around them, they have easy contact and enjoy being surrounded by friends and family.


Geoffrey, Joffrey, Geffrey, Geffroy, Geoffrey, Godeffroy, Jauffre, Jaufret, Jeff, Jefferson, Jeffrey, Jeoffroy and Joffroy.

His party :

January 13th.

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