Name Jesabelle - Meaning of the Name

Name Jesabelle - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, Celts, French, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

According to its Celtic origins, this sweet name comes from the terms "lud" and "hael" which mean respectively "lord" and "generous". The Hebrew and Biblical sources of this name bring him closer to "Jezebel". The latter was the Machiavellian wife of the king of Israel Ahab and wished the death of the prophet Elijah.


Daughter of Ithobaal I, king of Tyr and Sidon, Jezebel is a Phoenician princess who became queen consort by her marriage.

His character :

Sincere, upright and honest, Jesabelle will stand out for her very frankness. She is uncompromisingly determined to be distracted and influenced by nothing when she has a clear idea in her mind. Loving to be surrounded and encouraged, she draws her courage from the affection and support of her loved ones.


Izevel, Jesabel and Jezebel.

His party :

There is no party for this name.

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