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You give me pocket money?

You give me pocket money?

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This is a question you will not escape. But how to answer and how much to give it?

About six in ten parents give pocket money to their children. But it is from 10-12 years that the demand becomes more and more pressing.

Why is he asking for pocket money?

  • Your child, around age 10, begins to understand that the currency is an important element of exchange between adults. And he is - almost - one.

When do you give him pocket money?

  • "At the entrance to the college, it seems difficult to me not to give pocket money. it depends a lot on family culture. For some parents, it's natural: they feel that money empowers the child, gives him a sense of value. For others, it is less so. What is important is to feel natural in his choices, "recommends Etty Buzyn, psychoanalyst.
  • At 10-12 years, you can start to regularly give him a small amount with which he can buy what he wants. This money allows him a gradual entry into the world of adults.

How much to give him?

  • Ask the parents of your family about the "current rate". Another stallion: according to the Ipsos-Sofinco survey, the pocket money given to European children averages 31 € per month. This amount varies greatly depending on the age: 15 € monthly between 5 and 10 years, 27 € between 11 and 14 years, 47 € between 15 and 17 years, and 62 € between 18 and 20 years.

What about money that rewards?

  • "When a child has helped more than usual at home, that he has had good grades ... why not? Provided that it is not systematic and not to take away the money to punish him. to warn him against the racket ... It is better that the money stays at home! ", continues the specialist.

Marie Auffret-Pericone with Etty Buzyn, psychoanalyst.