Name Jessim - Meaning of origin

Name Jessim - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

Since the dawn of time, people of Muslim faith, whether American, European, African or Asian, mainly give names of Arab origin to their children. This attachment has its origins in the true source of Islam, which remains for the diaspora, the only proof of its true identity. Thus, in Arabic culture, "Jessim" means "important", "big" and "strong".


Yeşim Ustaoğlu, a filmmaker of Turkish origin, is a filmmaker, Yeşim Büber, Turkish actress, Jessim Mahaya, a French football player.

His character :

The Jessim are particularly comfortable men in all situations. They are looking for the concrete and have easy contact. They appreciate frank reports, quick decisions and direct discussions. The Jessim have a cunning and stubborn temper, loving to dictate their own rules of the game. Although they may give you the impression of agreeing with you ... be careful, they often do it at their head!


Jesi, Jessi, Yessim, Yesim ...

His party :

We do not celebrate Jessim in France.

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