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A bedroom and a living room under high security

A bedroom and a living room under high security

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For security, do you think mostly kitchen and bathroom? Your toddler's room is not easy, just like the living room! Windows, toys, bed, electricity ... all our advice to offer him a secure home and sleep on your two ears!

1. Watch the windows

Guided by his curiosity, your young climber can lean on the ledge and be tempted to lean forward to look. 250 children from 10 months to 7 years old are defenestrated every year!

  • If possible, equip the window sill or balcony with a wire mesh or safety net.
  • Install security systems (crackers or hooks). Even closed windows must be difficult to open.
  • Do not put furniture underneath: this could facilitate the ascension of your curious.

2. Offer him a bed of rest

Baby sleeping or already big sleeper, your child will stay alone ... hence its importance.

  • For a toddler, the crib is a must. Do not forget the bumper to prevent him from getting caught in a leg or an arm.
  • Do not put large stuffed animals in the bed, your climber could get on top of it and rock it on the floor. Not to mention that
  • Do not put on blankets or pillows to prevent choking or sudden death.
  • Always put your baby on his back, jammed on his stomach or side.
  • Do not let your toddler sleep with an animal. Again, there is a risk of suffocation if he lies on his head.
  • Find all our safety tips for his bed.

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