A mother is not the taxi on Wednesday

A mother is not the taxi on Wednesday

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Exit RTT Wednesdays that turn you into express taxi. The eldest judo in the south of the neighborhood, the second gym at the gym opposite and the creative workshop for babies "bobo" in the city center ... All gathered in a handkerchief schedule ... to see you arrive dripping, the blow in battle and dripping with excuses: the height!

Because, if there is an excuse, there is to be good with you. What is this society that wants to make us perfect parents (certainly we are good for something!)? and have perfect children?

This year it will be one activity per child. School days are quite full. Diktat balanced parents and children well in their boots: time to dream, yawn crows (yes, it is allowed). It would even seem that it would promote creativity. And does not our society need it?

A mother must know how to say no

... to his child, to his spouse and also to his boss. Putting the forms, of course, but it must remember that if the folder at the top of the pile is very important, your little Arthur that you left 10 hours earlier is not less. So, yes exceptionally, but not for meetings that start systematically at 18 hours.

Carole Renucci

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